Exploring Mathematics at Royal Holloway University 24/06/19

On Monday 17th June, our best Year 12 Mathematics students were given an opportunity to attend an event ‘exploring Mathematics’ at Royal Holloway University. This was aimed to increase the students’ enjoyment and understanding by illustrating the beauty, breadth and power of Mathematics. Students attended a series of Mathematics sessions throughout the day, in which they got to see how Mathematics can be used in real life situations. Session on ‘Hidden Mathematics in Technology’ showed students the Mathematics behind modern technology and emphasised the importance of learning Mathematics for future technical careers. The students got an insight as to types of courses available and the qualifications required, the ways in which university Mathematics is different from or similar to Mathematics at A-level, and the careers available in this field. The students found the day both beneficial and enjoyable. Hopefully they can go on to use the skills they acquired on the trip in their future careers.

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