Rosedale Library Experience 10/06/19

The English Alliance, in its effort to foster an appreciation for reading, while developing the fundamental skills in literacy, continue to encourage students to immerse themselves in the ‘Library Experience’ at the Rainbow Centre. Outfitted with a myriad of texts from different genres, students have access to a variety of literature, including science fiction, adventure, mystery gothic and host of other stimulating reads. Through this experience, they are able to explore the wonderful written word, while living vicariously through the characters. This has been an extremely rich and rewarding experience for the students, as they get to participate in inspiring activities such as, ‘The Author’s Chair’ and ‘Hot Seating’ where they take on the persona of the author or various characters and share their views on the texts they are reading. It is truly a pleasure to witness the transformation in students from timid to confident and reticent to bold. We are therefore committed to continue developing and sustaining their love and interest for reading, which will ultimately augment their learning development and shape them into well-rounded individuals. 

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