Theatre in its more complex form is said to have originated in Greece sometime around the 7th century B.C. The word Drama is derived from the Greek words ‘to do’, or ‘to act’. As students of drama it is imperative that Greek Theatre is studied, both from a historical point of view and for knowledge of the techniques used. Therefore, we were extremely fortunate to welcome Uxbridge College Performing Arts students and their production of The Bacchae to Rosedale College on Tuesday 12th February. This production was a theatrical extravaganza incorporating the three art forms, which are drama, dance and music. The Bacchae is considered Euripides’ greatest tragedy and was written in approximately 410 B.C. It charts the quest of the God Dionysus as he tries to prove that he is indeed the son of Zeus. This production style was immersive theatre, which allows the lines between audience and performer to be blurred, as such, many unsuspecting students were whisked into the action on stage. This was a creative masterpiece that the students enjoyed immensely. We would like to note a special thank you to Rob Lane, the Director, for giving the students an excellent pre-show talk about the creative and rehearsal process. 

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