Othello on Trial! 5/10/18

Tuesday 2nd through to Thursday 4th October was a three-day Othello extravaganza for a group of Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust, Year 13 English Literature students. Over the period of these three days, the students attended the Globe Theatre, Brunel University and the Royal Courts of Justice to further extend their classroom learning of ‘Othello’. They explored the play from different perspectives and took part in some very in depth discussions. Students also had the privilege of attending the Sackler Studios where they met the actor who was to play Othello and attended an acting class. At Brunel University students immersed themselves in further discussion and discovery of Othello, as well as university life. Then there was the visit to the magnificent Royal Courts of Justice where in addition to viewing real cases of law in action, they went to a courtroom where they put Othello on trial for murder!

Students commented that the entire three days amounted to a fantatic learning experience but that the highlight was when they attended an incredible matinee performance of Othello at the Globe theatre.  

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