Educational Visit to Krakow, Poland 3/07/17

On Monday 3rd July students from Rosedale and Hewens College attended a four-day educational visit to Krakow, Poland. During their stay in Krakow they enjoyed walking around the city and visiting various points of historical interest. Students also had the opportunity to experience Polish culture and food as well as the general ambience of this beautiful city.

Visits and tours to a number of historical sites extended their classroom learning, particularly with regards to the holocaust and terrible atrocities that took place in the concentration and death camps of Auschwitz. When the students visited Auschwitz they were given guided tours of the gas chambers and where prisoners of war slept and ate.  They learned how men, women and children were murdered, starved and tortured as well as used for experimental surgery and drugs during World War II. 

The trip was a great success with students taking thought-provoking knowledge and sights home with them.  There was much to talk about on the way home not just of the sombre history of Auschwitz but also the beautiful culture, architecture and history of the city. 

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