We are proud of our team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to support us in achieving our goals.  The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust as sponsor, is responsible for a number of schools and colleges, including Rosedale College.  As part of its remit, the Trust continues to drive up standards, being fully committed to the further development of its provision for its stakeholders. The Rosedale College Local Advisory (Governing) Body (LAB) is therefore required to meet formally each term before reporting to the Academy Board as part of Governance Day, involving the Members and Directors. 

The LAB consists of community (co-opted) members, parents, guardians, carers and staff. The skills sets, expertise and commitment of each individual are fundamental, as the LAB is critical to the work of Rosedale College and overall governance arrangements of the Trust. Accordingly, the Rosedale College LAB is made up as follows:

Marie Ashley, Chair  [Email:]

Norman Deas, Community

Heidi Faure, Principal

Sabrina Ghenaiet, Parent 

Bhavesh Vaja, Parent

Thumbnail MASHLEY web-1 Marie Ashley

Having a great deal of previous experience as a governor for more than nine years, Marie Ashley has an excellent understanding of education with experience of ensuring children’s needs are met.  With two children attending the College, she is passionate about learning and being part of supporting children in their journey through the LAB.  With a background in Environmental Health and a senior manager with human resources experience, there can be no doubt that Marie is very well placed to be an extremely effective member of the group.

[04.09.14 to 04.09.19]  [No pecuniary interest declared]

 Thumbnail NDEAS web-1 Norman Deas

Norman Deas has been closely associated with all aspects of the catering industry throughout his working life.  Having graduated from the Scottish Hotel School at the University of Strathclyde, he gained practical hands on experience within various sectors of the industry and ultimately directorships of several large contract catering companies.  In 1997, he set up Goodfellows CMS Ltd which specialised purely in Education and sold the company to Compass in 2004 before setting up GSS Catering Management Services as a consultancy to the catering industry.  He is a Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality, a member of the British Hospitality Association, a past Chairman and Director of the European Catering Association (GB), a past Chairman and Fellow of the Association of Catering Excellence and was a non-executive Director of Pride Catering from 2009 to 2015. He is also the Treasurer and a Trustee of his local Church.  His outside interests include running for various charities which included the London Marathon in 2011 and is a keen supporter of several football clubs.

[17.11.15 to 17.11.19]   [Service Level Agreement between The Trust and Norman Deas Consultancy Services to provide consultancy services on all aspects of the catering services within the Trust to ensure it operates efficiently and compliant with all food hygiene legislation and to the agreed standards as laid down by the Trust. Fee £8100 per annum, reviewable each academic year and dated 21st June 2016.]

Thumbnail HFAURE web-1 Heidi Faure

Heidi Faure is an accomplished leader with a proven track record of success.  As a former Mathematics Teacher and Special Educational Needs Coordinator with a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Management, Heidi quickly moved into the role of Vice Principal at Rosedale, before being appointed as College Principal in January 2013.  As an advocate of clear targets and monitoring of progress, Heidi and the leadership team have continually secured fantastic outcomes for the students. As a former governor of a local primary school, she has an absolute understanding of the needs of the community and is resolute that the students should fulfil their potential.  

[01.01.13 to 01.01.23]  [No pecuniary interest declared]

Thumbnail SGhenaiet Sabrina Ghenaiet

As a parent of five children, three of whom are at school at the Rosedale campus, Sabrina Ghenaiet is familiar with the day-to-day routines of the College. Having been a parent governor at another local primary school and secretary for the Parent Teacher Association, she has helped with fund-raising and other events for a number of years.  With a good business background, Mrs Ghenaiet is keen to contribute to the LAB in order to benefit the students and their families.  

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Thumbnail BVaja Bhavesh Vaja

Bhavesh Vaja has a good deal of local knowledge and vast experience of dealing with the community.  As parent governor, he is keen to promote communication between home and school, offering commitment and enthusiasm so as to foster an environment where each child feels valued, develops self-esteem and thrives.  He has aspirations for all students so they have the opportunity to excel both academically and creatively.  With a police background, good information technology skills and experience in problem-solving, Bhavesh is determined to make a difference to the lives of young people.  

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