Vision and Values

At Rosedale College, we are committed to offering students a learning experience that is rich, varied and responsive to their needs and abilities. We aim to stimulate enthusiastic and purposeful learning based on open-minded and skilful enquiry, creative and critical thinking and generous spirit of cooperation.

We strive to create a learning environment that is safe, efficient and attractive and which reflects pride in our work. In essence, a learning environment that values our students and is in turn valued by them.  We are therefore delighted by the extent of the new and refurbished buildings and sports facilities and the opportunities these bring for our students.  Both within and beyond the classroom, we aim to encourage respect for the environment. We provide opportunities for students to build a sense of shared responsibility for the College in which we all work and the world in which we live.

At Rosedale College, there is a culture of confidence and optimism, in which effort, participation and achievement are celebrated. We believe that confidence and good results go together. We offer awards for good work and behaviour and we celebrate students’ achievement and contribution to the life of the College through special achievement assemblies.

We welcome parents, guardians and carers as informed and active partners in the education of their children and indeed the wider life of the College, whether this be through special activities or as a member of the Local Advisory (Governing) Body.  All newcomers can be sure of a warm welcome.

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